The revamped version of Google Analytics has gone live and the deeper level of detail it gives you when it comes to website statistics is pretty amazing.

The interface has had a decent overhaul, a mch richer look and a better layout. Most importantly, you can view sets of data you never had access to below - check out this report on the screen reolution of monitors people use to view this blog.

It's staggering detail, you'd have had to pay serious money for a suite of analysis tools like this a few years ago. Analytics also lets you set goals for your website and tracks how close you are coming to achieving them. If your goal, for instance is to get most visitors to click through to the purchase order page of your website, Analytics will track how successful you are at getting people there. A great resource and a worthy improvement on Google Analytics version one.

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thomas said...

I'm not sure what data they're exposing that they didn't before, it's all same-old (very useful) data in a new package. Their own people are admitting it is about "data discoverability" not new data as such.

Certainly, as far as Google products go, the UI is pretty decent after this revamp. Cross-referencing data is now much easier - but was always do-able.

The only new feature of note is the regular/emailed reports. Good for lazy types who want to send something off to a client with no context/analysis...