I've just started blogging for the Herald which is a great development as it gives me the chance to update the tech section with local content during the day without us having to rely totally on wire stories from the agencies. We really want to make the Herald Tech section a better resource for those interested in technology. The blog is aimed at a general audience - those who wouldn't really visit Geekzone, but want to keep abreast of general developments in IT and telecoms.

There's RSS available and room for comments. It's early days and the blog is sort of in soft launch as we tweak it according to the needs of readers and the people updating it every day. It's quite strange feeding blog postings into the newspaper editorial system rather than posting straight to the web as I do here. That's something I'll have to get my head around, but it's great to have that layer of editorial integrity in place.

So check it out! I'll still be updating Griffin's Gadgets regularly so keep an eye out here too...

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