My Herald interview with Tony Murrow, author of the book Business Web, which is a quick and very readable introduction to the basics of web design for the non technical.

Murrow's book isn't for the tech savvy, those people will be frustrated with its brevity. Instead, it is for business owners and managing directors who are considering going online or revamping their website and need outside help to do so. It covers the basics of working with third party web developers and as such should allow you to create a check list of things to remember when embarking on a web project. Murrow knows his stuff and Business Web is a useful resource that isn't likely to quickly be made irrelevant by changes in web technology. The basics never change.


Chrisranjana said...

I guess this book will be usefull for business owners since many business owners nowadays have to deal with web developers all around the world

Software Developer

peter said...

From a web developer perspective, I read the book.

It gave me the impression the audience was multi million $$ companies as all the pre design and content work will cost anyone an absolute fortune and will take someone a year to plan

What about the small owner operated business who has a a budget of around $1500 to $5000. You can get a really good website for that that has been professional graphically created, maybe a cms system, search optimised and content driven for the target market.

Many smaller web companies in NZ have the marketing skills to help their client with identifying all those issues without focus groups and the rest

A reasonably good effort but completely over the top for small business owner


aliens infotech said...

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