If Graham Greene was in his early thirties and living in contemporary Shanghai, he'd write like Chinabounder, the "Western scoundrel" who pens the fantastic blog Sex and Shanghai.

As my Chinese friend points out, Chinabounder, is a complete bastard, but only because China has made him one. His sole ambition in Shanghai seems to be bedding young Chinese women and many of his blog postings have the feel of Penthouse forum letters, only they're better written.

His latest post, "How to get fucked in China", is particularly insightful. Cynical, angry, yes. His observations on China are on the mark. Despite Chinabounders lecherous preoccupations in Shanghai, he's outraged at the injustice and corruption rife in the country, even as he is consumed by it himself. Just a tiny excerpt:

The environment. Ah, now you, dear darling environment, are getting the biggest shafting of all. No wine and roses for you, just straight up against the wall fucked.

Oh, did you think the sweet words from Beijing were true? That whispered seduction of ‘In 2006 we’re going to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 4%?’ So na├»ve of you! It’s the oldest line of all – ‘I care’ - and you fell for it!

How did you feel the morning after when you realized consumption increased? How did you feel about those 12 billion tonnes of industrial waste water just in the first half of last year? 70% of your rivers and lakes polluted? But I suppose you must be used to it, ranking 100th out of 118 developing countries in terms of environmental care...

well worth a read, an interesting mix of political and social commentary and amateur erotica.

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