They arrive with regularity, probably at the rate of one a week, maybe three or four if I've written something that gets picked up by Americans browsing Google News. These emails have come to be a bit of a bore for me, but I know what a laugh Family Guy fans have when they see the byline "Peter Griffin" on top of a "serious" story. They obviously just can't help themselves and it gives me comfort to know they're delighting in their discovery (yeah right). Here's a selection from the past couple of months...

From Mark:

"Hey iv allways loved peter griffin i love your show family guy it's great And i'm pleased that you like the ps3 so much im gonna save up and get one cheers peter"

From Rawkus:

Youre a fat bastard!!! (I'm not 100 per cent sure if this is a Family Guy reference, I think it is...)
From John

Hey Peter,
Did you know that your name is the same as the Dad off the popular "Family Guy"? But im sure you probably already know that.
Must be awesome to be Peter Griffin!

From familyguy

d00d u ttly hve teh same name as teh family guy
i luv teh family guy

From Barnaby

Hi, just thought I'd mail to say I like your articles. Also, I'm sure you've heard this before but awesome name man! I hope you watch Family Guy.

Keep up the good work Peter,

From May.N

Dear Peter,
Did you know there's a TV show called The Family Guy and the show's star is called Peter Griffin? Thought it would crack you up to know.

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Tom said...

Ha! Welcome to my world.

"Famous author? No really, you're the first to point that out, first today anyway."

Tom Clancy