Here's a link to my Herald column about TVNZ's new OnDemand service, which allows you to stream feeds of free-to-air programmes for free and download drama for a fee. It's worth checking out the website for the archive footage of the Wahine disaster and the 1981 Telethon alone. Those Radio with Pictures clips are also great...

Also a preview piece on the various online efforts offered up by the Playstaion Network, which launches today and the existing Xbox Live platform. Today is PS3 lanch day throughout Australia and New Zealand, so all those pre-ordered consoles will be flying out of retailers around the countrry. Make sure, if you're an early buyer, to sign up for free to the Playstation Network so you can pick up the free Blu-ray copy of Casino Royale they are giving away. Apparently there are 4000 copies to go to the first wave of PS3 owners.

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