Last night was a magical evening. Roger Waters' show at North Harbour Stadium was one of th emost impressive shows I've ever seen. It was equally as impressive as November's U2 gig if Waters himself didn't make as good a frontman as Bono.

My review of the Roger Waters gig for the Herald is here.

While I consider myself a diehard Floyd/Waters fan, there are plenty out there even more in love with the music than me as feedback to the Herald review has revealed. Take the slightly disturbing view of Herald reader Peter Wright who wrote to me via email:

Just some thoughts on your review of Roger Waters!

"...even the supreme guitar playing of Andy Fairweather-Low couldn't save Leaving Beirut..." How dare you criticise a new song, just because you don't have the intelligence to enjoy it or understand it. What you call 'meandering' Water's calls 'feeling' or 'empathy'. I have listened to this song for about six months since it first was played in Europe last year in it's new form. And prior to that in it's original longer form with narration, it was quite moving. If you know anything about Roger Waters' music, it is that it grows on you over time as you appreciate the depth to it. Maybe you grew up on popcorn and the Spice Girls. Either way you are the wrong person to write reviews. "In fact, if there was any weakness in Waters' show, it was the lack of new material." I can't believe your review criticises his new material, then complains about a lack of it. Why bother playing any new material when people like yourself have 'Walls' around them and can't enjoy it. Or are living in the past and only want to hear 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. Thankfully his true fans can enjoy all of his music and celebrate in his genius. If you want to widen your musical horizon and enjoy his new material check out the opera 'Ca Ira' or listen to it at www.roger-waters.com. It is truly outstanding! Have a great day Peter! Oh, by the way, have you bought any Abba albums lately? Give them a listen, you might enjoy them! They are probably more your style.

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Isorski said...

I agree with you that Leaving Beruit is a crappy song. You can't hit them all out of the park! I just saw Waters in Oakland, California last night and posted a review on my Blog at http://isorski.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!