Hi Peter,

I have just finished reading your article:
"Why I still haven't found what I'm looking for" from way back in December 05'.

I wasn't aware of this particular article until this morning when a friend sent the link through to me. "ARRGGH! When will it end?!" was my original thought, when I read her email, titled "You never told me you were in the NZ Herald!"

I find myself emailing you now, to thank you. Why? Simply, for writing, quite possibly, one of the best articles I have read on the whole U2 ticket nightmare!

Not only did you tell the story of that morning in an accurate, first hand, compelling way, your article was relevant to the topic (IT and the U2 ticket fiasco). Not only that, you used my experience as an example and left out 'most' of the dripping despair and horror of human suffering that sold so many newspapers in Taranaki!

The only reason my story was one of the hundreds to make headlines was because a Daily News cameraman happened to be right there at the very moment, my sleep deprived, strung out, stressed self broke into a flood of tears. I remember looking up at him and marvelling at the way his entire being seemed to scream "OHHHH Human Suffering! EXCELLENT!"

I am rambling...I know. It is nice to look back, a year later, and after reading your article with wry amusement, rather than total embarrassment and despair. Of course, it does help that I now have tickets to the concerts at the end of this month! :)

So, thank you Peter Griffin - for writing a real story. It means more than you may know.

I am curious though, did you eventually find what you were looking for?

Kia Kaha...


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