I'm a big reader of blogs on everything from politics to technology to screenwriting, but I never expected to start my own one. I have a couple of columns published in the New Zealand Herald (www.nzherald.co.nz) every week and finding enough stuff to fill the column inches given to me can be hard enough. But these days so much stuff is sent my way I've not enough space in the paper to cope with it all. That's where the internet comes in handy. I'm kicking off this occasional blog to hopefully spark some discussion on topics I'm interested in.

I've called the blog Griffin's Gadgets because that's the title I almost seriously tried to get the bosses at the Herald to call my column a couple of years back. That sort of went down like a lead balloon in an editorial meeting at the time. They settled for keeping the name "Connect".

I'll be talking mainly about tech stuff, hopefully in words that the masses will understand. I want this to be a forum for debate on topics that may be kicked off in my columns in the paper or by articles I write in other publications.

I'm new to blogging and write thousands of words a week already so I don't know how regularly I'll post here. I have a strange feeling this could take over my life if I'm not careful. I have huge respect for Russell Brown (publicaddress.net) for the amount of content he fills his blogosphere with each week, and he crosses all sorts of genres. If he was payed even a meagre 20c a word he'd be doing pretty well. I'm sure he is anyway.

I don't plan to be nearly as prolific, but check in from time to time to see what's up for discussion. And if you don't want to post comments, you can email me personally at

Well that was easy. The sun is shining in Wellington, Chow has two for one cocktails so I'm outta here!

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cre8d said...

Found your blog via David Farrar's Kiwiblog - and will be subscribing to your feed :) Love reading your columns in the Herald and it's great that you're getting into blogging :)